4-Year-Old Cries On Video After Being Excluded For Being 'Black' Proves Racism Is Far From Over

Kids aren't born hating people. They're taught to.

Racism is far from over, and while people of color know this all too well, this video made that fact exceptionally clear.

4-year-old Londyn is seen crying on camera, and when her mother, Tomeka Fisher, asks her why she's crying, she explains that "they made me sad — the kid — they didn't want to be my friend."

Okay, this isn't a crazy concept, kids excluding other kids. But what she says next is absoutely heartbreaking:

"Why didn't they want to be your friend?" Fisher  asks.

"Because they don't like black people," the girl wails. 

FIsher told PEOPLE she posted the video so that people would believe her. "I just wanted people to know that no child should be told someone doesn't want to be their friend because of their race or how they look," she said.

Shortly after the video went viral, Jeff Cunningham, a father in their home state of Missouri, asked his daughter if she wanted to be friends with Londyn. She said yes. 

Apparently, Cunningham's daughter send a card over to Londyn, because Fisher posted a video to Cunningham's Facebook page: "We received the letter from you and your daughter thank you so much, she's such a sweet heart!" she wrote.


That she is!

(H/T: Mic)


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