4-Year-Old Gives Seriously Impassioned ‘Moana’ Performance During Her Graduation

She sang "How Far I'll Go" and gave it her all.

Singing next to a crowd of other kids makes it easy to blend in without putting forth much effort. So sure, some kids choose to phone it in during their school performances. But not this kid. 

Four-year-old Sophia knows you only graduate Pre-K once, so she gave it her all. During her graduation performance, her class performed "How Far I'll Go" from Disney's Moana. Sophia's mom, Michelle Neshin, decided to post her impassioned performance on both YouTube and Facebook, where it went viral. 

"The children were supposed to perform a mellow rendition of Moana's How far Ill go ... she clearly missed the memo!" she wrote. 

During her performance, Sophia stands centerstage where she makes dramatic arm movements and stomps her feet as she belts out the song with everything she's got. 


The video has already been viewed over 14 million times on Facebook and more than 455,000 times on YouTube to-date. 

"I am still in disbelief that my silly little girl, just being her quirky self, has had millions of views. Her whole class and their entire school put on one amazing production!" Neshin wrote on Facebook. "Sophia has no idea what all the attention means, but a friend did send her a cookie cake, and she thought that was the best thing ever!" 


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