When His Grandmother Became Dangerously Sick, This 4-Year-Old Knew Exactly What To Do

"I'm so proud of him."

Quick thinking and practice helped a New Hampshire 4-year-old save his grandmother's life. 

Max Velez recently became a hero after he called for an ambulance upon noticing his grandmother had become sick.


"Really extreme — she couldn't breathe," Max's mother, Fallon Clarke, told Fox 8 News. "She couldn't get up, so really, Max handled the whole situation, they said."

"I'm so proud because he's really shy, and I guess he was calm the whole situation," Clarke said.

Once Clarke arrived at Elliot Hospital, a police officer informed Clarke about her son's heroic actions. "I got there, and the police officer was like, 'You know, your son saved your mom's life,' " Clarke said. "We've practiced in the past. I try and talk to him about emergencies and strangers, so he knows what 911 stands for."

When first responders arrived at the home, little Max got to ride in the fire truck with them. His grandmother, who was being treated for pneumonia, is expected to be OK.

Cover image: Voyagerix / Shutterstock.com


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