Beauty-Obsessed 4-Year-Old Breaks Into Her Mom's Makeup Bag, Has No Regrets

She's a beauty blogger in training.

Meet Mia. She's a 4-year-old beauty blogger in training with a whole lot of sass. 

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Mia's mother, we learn that Mia broke into her mom's makeup bag and gave herself a makeover. 


"I went in your makeup bag, because I wanted my own makeover."

"I put this for my eyebrows."

"You want to see how I put make up on my cheeks?"

But when mom asks why she went into her makeup bag, Mia fires back with a reasonable response. 

"Because I wanted to. I don't have so many make up like you."

Makes sense.

Mia's mom wrote in her video's description that Mia loves to do makeup tutorials. But when Mia says she wears makeup to look beautiful, her mother reminds her that she doesn't need to wear makeup to do that.

"Proof that our children listen and learn from our every move," she wrote.

Watch Mia's shameless makeup "tutorial" below:


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