4 Awesome Inventions You Probably Didn't Know Were Created By Women — But Definitely Should

How awesome were these legendary ladies? Let us count the ways.


Who run the world? Girls — especially the ones who grow up to create amazing inventions.

From first lady and philanthropist Eleanor Roosevelt to mathematician and actress Hedy Lamarr, we owe some of the most important medical and technological advances to women. How awesome were these legendary ladies? Let us count the ways: 

1. Whooping cough vaccine

Empowered women empower women, and no one better represents that than Eleanor Roosevelt. In the 1930s, she helped fund the medical research of Pearl Kendrick and Grace Eldering, who worked together to invent the whooping cough vaccine

2. Kevlar

While working for DuPont in the 1960s, Stephanie Kwolek invented Kevlar, a material five times stronger than steel. Today, Kevlar can be found in tons of unexpected places from ping-pong paddles to cellphones. Perhaps most importantly, Kevlar is a key component of body armor because of its protective properties. 

3. Computer compiler and programming language

If you're a fan of the internet (and since you're currently surfing it, you probably are), you can thank Grace Hopper. While serving in the U.S. Navy, Rear Admiral Hopper created the first programming language and a compiler that understood it. This invention not only led to the COBOL language, but blazed the trail for all other modern computer languages we use every day. 

4. Wireless communications

These days, it might seem impossible to imagine a world without Wi-Fi, especially when you're raking in the likes on your latest social media post. But if Hedy Lamarr hadn't invented frequency-hopping signals in 1941, we wouldn't have the "spread spectrum" technology that laid down the groundwork for today's cellular phones, Bluetooth devices, and other forms of wireless communications.

Cover image via TaTae THAILAND / Shutterstock.com.


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