This Illusion Is About To Trick You Into Hearing Something That Isn't There

Your ears could be playing tricks on you.

Don't believe everything you hear.


We've all seen those optical illusions (or should we say confusions) in photos, right? Like the famous gold or blue dress.

What you don't usually come across are audio illusions. Now, YouTube channel ASAP Science is asking "can you really trust your ears?" 

Its creators put together four different tricks that totally mess with your sense of hearing. And they kind of mess with your head too. 

The first two tricks are examples of an illusion called the McGurk effect which shows how visuals can alter what you think you're hearing. 

The reverse can also happen. Sound can trick your mind into seeing something that, in a way, that isn't quite real. Yep, pretty freaky. 

Don't believe us? Try the illusions for yourself.

Which word did you hear?

Share these audio illusions with your friends to see how they do. 


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