This Rube Goldberg Machine Is So Perfect, We Could Watch It For Days

So many glorious Post-Its...

Rube Goldberg machines are contraptions that use a really long, complicated chain reaction to ultimately perform a really small task, like striking a match.

3M decided to celebrate its products by turning many of them into a Rube Goldberg machine that is so amazingly spot on, we couldn't look away.


The machine starts out simply enough, when a metal ball hits the pipes, creating a tune.

Tape isn't usually exciting, but it gets downright beautiful when the rolls are turned into a helix.

But then the machine started getting more technologically advanced, departing from a run-of-the-mill Rube Goldberg machine, and turning into something totally amazing.

3M makes a number of medical devices, which is highlighted by this amazing heart and stethoscope combo.

Check out the entire video below:

[All images via: 3M]

[H/T: Sploid]


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