These 3D Bathroom Floors Will Make You Dizzy.. With Envy

Bathroom envy. Big time.

Imagine walking into your bathroom and feeling like you've just stepped into a serene underwater scene. Picture a dolphin looking right at you as you shower. 

Though this sounds like a dream, there are companies out there that can make this a reality with custom 3D floor designs. 

Imperial Interiors is one such company, and on their website they describe their decorative flooring as not just a picture, but "a large-scale art object, which fundamentally changes the idea of what might look like flooring." 

They go on to explain that these types of designs are a relatively new, and were first showcased in hotels and shopping centers. But now, they are making their way into people's homes. 

The effect of seeing such beautiful artwork in so unexpected a place is truly marvelous. 



And some bonus images:

(H/T: Top Dreamer

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