This Interactive Short Film May Be The Future Of Horror... And It Is Terrifying.

This is unlike anything we've featured before.

DimensionGate calls itself "a virtual reality video production company specializing in 360° cinematic content," but until you see what they've done with "3am," their latest video outing, you won't fully grasp just how far they've taken virtual reality in the realm of personal video content.


"3am" brings what DimensionGate calls "immersive viewing" to its YouTube audience.

In other words, viewers can interact with the video playback. 

In "3am," it's as though you have control of a CCTV camera and are watching this film in real time. It brings a sense of terrifying urgency to the viewer because, suddenly, you can see everything going on in the room as you "look" around.

Please note that "3am" can only be immersively experienced using Google Chrome and the Android YouTube app. Watching it on any other browser doesn't do it justice. 

The effect of moving through the film as you watch is incredibly unnerving.

If you're a mobile user on a non-Android phone, we highly recommend you watch this on your desktop.

For maximum effect, go to fullscreen and wear headphones.  Click and drag across the screen to see the scene in its horrifying entirety.

We invite you to experience it here.

It's easy to see how this innovative approach to filmmaking allowing for personalized immersive viewing could be the new 3-D. 

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