New 3D Disney App Will Let You Color Like Never Before

Too cool.

The old days of coloring are over.


You can say goodbye to your 2D illustrations thanks to Disney's new "augmented reality" coloring app.

Since technology is such a big part of our lives today, Disney wanted take a once fun activity and modernize it. They said in their paper, the new app is "providing a bridge between real-world activities and digital enhancements."

Simply put, an algorithm within the app, pulls your image from paper and transforms it into a 3D character on a tablet.

The coolest part about the app: you can watch this all happen in real time as you color.

The character can even move around, if you move the page up and down or spin the piece of paper.

The app is also good news for parents who want to keep their kids busy without them getting bored. Through two studies, the researchers found a majority of people found a higher connection with the 3D character and would use it again.

The app isn't available yet, but hopefully will be soon for the inner child in all of us. Oh yea, and for actual kids too!


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