She Was Struggling With Life Until She Began Documenting The Little Things. You Can Too.

"The secret to life is reflection and gratitude."

Sometimes life can be way too chaotic.


So when life starts to get overwhelming, here's an awesome project you can try.

It's called 365 Grateful and is super easy to do, but first, here's some backstory on how it began.

As she explains in the clip below, Hailey Bartholomew thought she had everything she needed in life, but she "just wasn't happy."

So after seeking some advice about appreciating the world around her, she began documenting little moments throughout the day for 10 days.

She realized there were many things she would have missed if she didn't document them.

Since she's a photographer, she decided to take a picture every day for a year to continue documenting her life and the world around her. 

She first began by photographing her husband, whom she didn't consider very romantic.

Once she began taking photographs, she was able to capture all of the precious moments they shared as a couple and realized she was totally wrong.

There were many small moments that when added up were actually very romantic.

It wasn't just her husband though. A moment with her daughter and a friendly ladybug also added happiness to her life.

Even when it rained, it became a happy moment.

As you can see, a lot of these moments might have gone unnoticed. However, once she documented them, they had a much bigger impact on her life.

You can do this project yourself. You never know how it might add a bit of happiness to your life.

Watch the full video below to find out more.


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