These 34 Opening Lines From Iconic Novels Display The Art Of The Hook

This is how to pull them in.

Writing and publishing a novel is no small feat. Even horrible books take an incredible amount of mental energy and man hours to complete, so one can only imagine what it's like to put together a work that eventually becomes a celebrated pillar of the literary world.

If you fancy yourself a novelist one day, it goes without saying that you should read, read, read, and when you're done with that, read some more. Having said that, eventually you'll have to do some actual writing, and often the hardest part of scribbling anything can be sitting down to a blank sheet/screen/what have you and simply starting.

With that in mind, it'd probably help to review how some of the most famous novels in existence started out, and luckily Scribendi has put together a pretty infographic with 34 first lines of iconic books. Featuring classics such as 1984, The Catcher in the Rye, and The Great Gatsby, these first lines vary in length and technique, but they all have one important trait in common — the hook. Each of them seize the reader's attention immediately, pulling them into a story they can't help but want to discover more of.


Check it out and get inspired:


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