Dad And Daughter Commit Acts Of Kindness. They Celebrated Their Birthdays In The Best Way.

Being kind to others can be the best way to celebrate life.

This father-daughter duo found the perfect way to celebrate their birthdays. Lee Beck of Oxford, England was inspired by videos he'd seen on the web of other people committing acts of kindness. He decided to ask his daughter if she'd be interested in embarking on this project, in honor of their birthdays. 

In an interview with ABC News, Beck revealed that his daughter "regularly remarks about kindness, and is generally very loving, so I knew she would be keen to do this challenge," he said. "When I mentioned the idea to her she thought it was a great idea, and instantly starting talking about some of the people we could help. Her ideas were fantastic, and she put a lot of thought into those that she felt happiest about."

Beck, 32, and his daughter Amelie, 7, decided to commit a combined 39 acts of kindness. 


On his YouTube page, Beck emphasized that although he made a few donations, there are a lot of ways to provide acts of kindness at no cost. 

Their 39 acts of kindness included chocolates for Lee's colleagues to Amélie, writing a thank you letter to her teacher, leaving laundry money for a random person to use, and Beck adding his name to the organ donor registry. 

In one instance, Amélie was so preoccupied executing acts of kindness that she was caught off guard when her dad gave her a present as one of his kind acts. 

Beck and Amélie did wonderful things that surely touched many people. A touching observation from their video is perhaps how happy they seemed while doing it.

Check it out:

(H/T: ABC News)


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