30 Creative Ideas To Make Men Feel Special

It's "knot" as hard as you'd think...

Gentlemen, there's no easy way to tell you this, but it's very likely that you've been wearing your ties in a boring way.

It's fine; you probably didn't realize that there are 30 spectacular ways to tie a tie knot. So your friends at ShirtsMyWay took the liberty of putting together an extensive guide for you to consult each morning while you're getting dressed.


"Each tie knot has been judged on four different factors," the guide explains. "Aesthetics, symmetry, difficulty and knot size."

Peter Crawfurd and Michael Yang founded ShirtsMyWay in an effort to help support men's individuality.  Their website explains the beauty of their service, "We let you design all aspects of your shirt. We guide you in taking a few simple measurements. The result is an amazing custom shirt with the perfect fit."

With that in mind, Crawfurd and Yang decided to help men embrace their individuality even further by combing the Internet for sharp and creative tie knot styles complete with video tutorials (like the one below) to include in their inspirational guide.

"A lot of people find it surprising that there are so many tie knots that exist," Crawfurd told A+. "These tie styles stand out and are unique, like our shirts."

Considering the fact that men aren't typically given much room for creativity when it comes to their sportswear…

Crawfurd's call to "shake it up and be creative" might be answered more eagerly than a lot of men would like to admit. 


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