30 Brand Names You've Probably Been Mispronouncing

So THAT'S how you say Nike and Volkswagen?!

When building a business, it's important to have a strong brand. That means everything from designing a recognizable logo to having a name that reflects the company's values, history, and mission.

But getting customer's to properly pronounce the name of your company can be a challenge. 

Such is the case with the 30 globally known brands compiled in U.K.-based card-maker Oomph's recent blog post and infographic.

"Have you ever been in a conversation and been shocked at how someone pronounced a certain word?" Oomph writes. "Well, it happens with brand names too, even the most globally recognisable of them."

Think names like Louis Vuitton ("loo-ee vee-ton" is a popular way of saying it, when it's actually "loo-ee vi-ton"), Huawei ("hugh-ah-way" or "wah-way"?), and Volkswagen (you'll have to check out the infographic for that answer — but it kind of blew our minds).

See which brands you've probably been mispronouncing below.


Courtesy of Oomph

Now enjoy correcting your friends!

(H/T: OomphDesignTAXI)


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