This 3-Year-Old Fashionista And Model Will Put Your Closet To Shame

London Scout is Instagram's next Chrissy Teigen.

London Scout is like a lot of other three-year-olds: She loves ballet, puppies and ice skating (which she particularly enjoys practicing across her parents' wooden floors.) She also models and has an incredible fashion sense that she shares with over 49,000 followers on Instagram.


49,600 to be exact.

So, maybe that isn't like most toddlers, but Scout's following knows a cool thing when they see it.

She and her mom (and full-time Instagram account manager) Sai De Silva live in New York City, which serves as the backdrop for many of London's awesome photo shoots. But mom doesn't have the only say in regards to London's style.

"She is very involved in picking her daily outfits," Sai told A+ in an email. "She enjoys showcasing her personality through her clothing choices."

Which right now, mom says, is dresses and sneakers.

She hopes that her daughter's confidence from fashion and modeling will follow her into adulthood.

"Fashion is a form of self expression which London Scout has developed at an early age," she said. "I hope she will always stay true to who she is."

We couldn't agree more.

For more of London Scout and her mom, Sai, head over to their Instagram account or blog, Scout The City, for more.

(H/T: Design Taxi)


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