3-Year-Old Dresses Up Like Influential Women, And Learns More About Them In The Process

"I don’t want her to think that the only role model she can have is to be a princess."

We've seen many parents use their kids' love of playing dress as an opportunity to bond with them and encourage their creativity. But this mom is taking things a step further by teaching her daughter about great women in the world in the process.

Fashion designer Daniela Peña realized her 3-year-old daughter Ana had a penchant for dressing up and posing for photos. So, she decided to turn playtime into a learning opportunity. Peña helps Ana recreate outfits and photos of notable women in history, film, fashion, and pop culture. She teaches her daughter about the accomplishments each of these women has made. 

"I tried to choose people that were really inspiring — the stories of really empowering women," Peña told Yahoo. "That's what I want for my kid. I started to think of course we love Disney princesses, but I don't want her to think that the only role model she can have is to be a princess. I want her to think that she can be more like Princess Leia — she can be against the empire and fight with the rebels, things like that."


Ana recently dressed up as Emma Watson, recreating her look from the Paris premiere of Beauty and the Beast. Watson's dress, which Peña noted in the caption of the post, was made from used plastic bottles. Choosing this particular outfit gave Peña an opportunity to teach Ana about sustainability. 

Watson's stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray even shared a photo of Ana wearing her homemade recreation of the actress's dress on her Instagram. "Major fashionista in the making!! Never too young to love fashion — and never too young to care about where your clothes come from and who made them!" she captioned the post. 

We love that this project gives Ana a fun and memorable way to learn about empowered women that she can see as role models. 

You can see some photos of Ana dressing up as influential women below:

1. Emma Watson

2. Audrey Hepburn

3. Frida Kahlo

4. Rosa Parks

5. Jackie Kennedy

6. Grace Coddington

7. Emma Stone

8. Anna Wintour

(H/T: Yahoo)

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