When She Found Out Why Another Little Girl Was Bald, This 3-Year-Old Proved She's Wise Beyond Her Years

So small, yet such a huge heart.

Earlier this week, a little girl got her first hair cut, but not just because her hair was too long. Three year old Ariana Smith chose to donate 10 inches of her blonde hair to cancer patients. 

Her dad, Josh, posted the photos of his daughter at the salon, and before and after pictures to Reddit. He says she became inpsired to do so after watching a video of a little girl with cancer. The girl was bald and Ariana wanted to know why. Josh told A+ that he and his wife did the best they could to explain chemo and cancer to their daughter.

"She sat there for a second, processing what we had said and just sort of said, 'Oh. Well she can have some of my hair,' he said.

A week later, she was in the salon. 

While most of us found Ariana's gesture to be profound, her dad says it's nothing out of the ordinary for his daughter.

"She's always been a kind, caring person and this was no different," he told A+ in an email. "I hope she doesn't think what she did is a big deal and continues to act as if helping others is just something people do."

Three going on 23, and ready to save the world one haircut at a time. Or in Ariana's words "she gave her hair to a sick little girl so that her mommy can put bows in it to make her pretty."

Sounds good to us.


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