Want To Be Happier In The Morning? Follow These 3 Quick and Easy Tips.

Here's how to nail it before nine.


Want to make the most of your morning with the least amount of effort? You'd be crazy — or maybe just a tad sleep-deprived — not to! (And if it's the latter option, keep reading. We can help.) 

Whether you're a "morning person" or not, those first few hours can set the tone for the rest of your day. By making the most of this time, you'll have even more to spend with the loved ones who matter most. 

With these three tips for easier morning routines, you'll be nailing it before 9, every time: 

1. Plan ahead.

Just like "you need to spend money to make money," sometimes, you need to spend time to save time. By taking a few extra minutes in the evening to choose your outfit and make your lunch for tomorrow, you'll wake up the next morning with two items already crossed off your to-do list. 

Not only will you sleep better knowing you won't have to rush around the next morning, but you'll also have more time to devote to our next tip ...

2. Share a healthy breakfast with a loved one.

Spending meal times with family — whatever that means to you — has been linked to "greater academic achievement," "improved psychological well-being," and "positive family interactions," particularly in adolescents. And those benefits aren't just psychological, they can be physical, too. By sharing a healthy breakfast with a loved one, you'll also be encouraged to eat more healthy foods throughout the rest of your day. 

The best part of all these benefits? You won't be the only one to reap them. With every breakfast you spend together, your family can connect and help each other get ready to take on their days individually. 

3. Improve your mood with music.

According to a study on the psychological functions of music listening published in Frontiers in Psychology, participants reported listening to music because it "offers a valued companion" and "helps provide a comfortable level of activation and a positive mood." 

That positive mood will make any morning seem brighter, especially if you're moving and shaking with the day's first sunshine. 

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