3 Ways To Keep Your iPhone Charger From Breaking Like It Always Does


If you've never broken your phone charger, then you're a unicorn. For the rest of us, the splitting cable with wires coming out is an all-too-familiar tragedy. It's almost as if those chargers were made to break, so we have to keep buying new ones. Sheesh. 


Look familiar?

Luckily BuzzFeed put together three totally simple ways to keep your phone charger from breaking. Check them out below:  

1. Use the spring from a pen to keep the cable intact.

Just open up a pen to get the spring inside. Gently stretch out the spring, and attach one end of it to the charger cable. Then, roll the spring onto the cable and slide it to the top. Instant protection!

2. Or do the paracord trick.

Get paracord, cut open and remove the white strand. Then melt the ends with a lighter to stop the cord from fraying. When you're done with that, weave the cord to the charger cable. 

3. Try this bracelet trick.

Get some embroidery floss, cut the floss so it's four times longer than your charger cable. Tie the floss to the end of the cable, and braid a bracelet around the cable to make for some pretty reinforcements. 

Be sure to watch the full video below on how to protect your phone charger:

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