These 3 Couples Will Prove That There's No Age Limit When It Comes To Being In Love


When we talk about love we often picture teens shyly confessing their affection to their crushes or young couples holding hands. But who says there's an age limit to being in love?

Age is just a number, and we have a video that proves it. German film directors Nadine Schrader and Julia Wilczok teamed up to interview three adorable couples and put together one of the most heartwarming videos we've seen in a long time.


The filmmakers explain their idea in greater detail on their Vimeo page:

Our three couples – Hans (79) & Edith (76), Ellen (84) & Horst (77), Ralf & Kristin (both 73) – have two things in common: After being together for 3, 16, and 51 years they are all still heavily in love. And every Monday, they attend DJ Michael Borge's senior's disco in Berlin Steglitz to get down on the dancefloor and prove that love, passion, and a lust for life are never getting old.

Scroll down to see the entire video. 

Ellen and Horst

Ralf and Kristin

Edith and Hans

Watch the entire video below. Awww.

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