Mental Floss Presents 27 Weird World Records

Why do these exist?

Everyone has a talent, but few people can say they are the best in the world at what they do. Unfortunately, though a talent may exist, it doesn't mean it is necessarily useful.

Watch Mental Floss host John Green run down 27 of the most unusual world records that exist, and even try to take a couple records for himself.


1. 28 female gymnasts fit inside a Mini Cooper Hatchback.

2. Dancers from the Moulin Rouge once performed 24 high kicks in only 30 seconds.

3. A total of 373 people gathered in London, all dressed as penguins.

4. Someone stacked 100 nickels on their hand in only 1 minute.

5. The tallest tower made of LEGO bricks reached 114 feet tall.

6. Travis Boyd ran a half marathon (13.1 miles) in 1:13:50 while pushing his daughter in a stroller.

7. The record of highest shallow dive is 36 feet into only 12 inches of water.

8. The record for most dogs on a surfboard is 17.

9. The largest human rainbow was made of 30,365 Australians.

10. The record for most people simultaneously brushing their teeth is 13,380.

11. The tightest parallel parking job had only 2.9 inches of clearance.

12. The record for most marshmallows caught in 1 minute using chopsticks is 31.

13. The record for moving individual rice grains with chopsticks is 38 in 1 minute.

14. One man jumped into 9 pairs of underwear in only 30 seconds.

15. The largest golf club that can still play is 14 feet, 5 inches long.

16. The heaviest bike that can still be ridden is over 1653 pounds.

17. Joe Alexander broke 24 bricks consecutively while holding—and not breaking—a raw egg.

18. The largest mosaic made from pieces of sushi was 452 square feet.

19. Bryan Berg built a house of cards that was 34 feet long and 11 feet wide.

20. Norman became the fastest dog to travel on a scooter, at 3.4 mph.

21. The largest gathering of dogs wearing costumes was 1,326.

22. The record for a human hanging and spinning by a drill is 148 rotations in 1 minute.

23. The record for pulling a truck with one's ears sits at 70 feet, 6 inches.

24. A Chinese sauna once held people from 99 different nationalities at the same time.

25. Tom Lackey performed a wing walk at 94 years of age.

26. A man once took 2 years to eat an airplane. (Yes, an actual metal airplane.)

27. A woman crushed 10 apples with her bicep in 1 minute.

Want more details about these insane records? Check out Green's explanations below:

It's okay, John. We can't crush apples with our biceps, either!


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