This 26-Year-Old 'Underdog' Celebrates Graduating College Despite The Odds

"Failure is painful and can be emotionally draining, but failure is not final and delay is not denial."

For some time, pursuing a college education wasn't something Lauren Evans saw for her future. She faced many obstacles along the way, but now, the 26-year-old from Detroit has graduated with her Bachelor's degree despite the odds

Throughout her life, those obstacles came in many forms. 

"My parents were in the middle of a divorce when I was in eighth grade, so I got tied up in that and stopped focusing on school," Evans told Yahoo. "Entering high school and taking it as a joke, I knew my only remedy was to just to be with my friends, and you're just kind of winging it at that point." 

She ended up repeating the ninth grade and graduated high school in 2009 with a 1.5 GPA. "I received zero college acceptance letters as I watched my peers not only get accepted to different universities, but also received scholarships to attend those same schools," Evans wrote in a post on Instagram


After graduating, Evan spent a year working before she realized she did want to work toward a college degree. She left her close family behind and moved to Greensboro, North Carolina where she enrolled in a community college. 

"I received high marks in all my courses and I also began my first adult relationship," Evans wrote. She and her boyfriend Jeremy dated for about two years and lived together. 

"When I went out of town for Thanksgiving, I was on the phone with him saying, 'See you tomorrow,' and tomorrow never came," Evans told Yahoo.

Jeremy was shot and killed in their home just one month after his 25th birthday. The case remains unsolved. Evans was 21 at the time. "Although no harm was done to my body I was internally dead," she wrote on Instagram. 

But with time, she gained the strength to continue her education and applied to many different universities. This time around, she was accepted to all the schools she applied to and even received a partial scholarship to one of them. Last week, at 26 years old, she graduated from Louisiana State University with her Bachelor's degree in child and family studies. She plans to continue her education by pursuing law school in the near future.

"I'm sharing my story just to show that failure and pain [are] a part of the process. Unfortunately, there is no way to dress failure up," she wrote. "Failure is painful and can be emotionally draining, but failure is not final and delay is not denial. This isn't a success story and although this chapter of my life is closed my story is still left unwritten ... Sincerely, The Under Dog "

Whether you didn't perform as well as you could have when you were younger, or you couldn't afford it, or you're a single parent of five, it's never too late to go back to school and pursue your dreams.  


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