The 26 Most Beautiful Trees You'll Ever See

Nature is the greatest of beauties.

Trees are a magnificent and necessary component of the Earth. 

Aside from being providers of oxygen, shade, water, food, and shelter, they are also beautiful in a way that is completely their own. In the photos below, you can check out some of the most gorgeous trees ever photographed. And be sure to click around and look at some of the wonderful photographers who captured the brilliance of trees.


1. Japanese Maple Tree by Protik Hossain

2. Baobab trees in Morondova, Madagascar

3. Sequoia National Park

4. Palouse region in Washington

5. Dragon Blood Tree in Yemen

6. Joshua Tree National Park

7. Cocora Valley, Colombia

8. Boardman, Oregon

9. The lone tree in Namibia

10. A beautiful tree line in Japan

11. "Mysterious Hallway" by David Thompson

12. Winter in Vancouver Island

13. Samuel H. Boardman State Park

You can purchase this photo here.

14. Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

15. Tree Tunnel in Spain

16. A 'walking' tree in Hawaii

17. Moreton Bay Fig Trees

18. Olympic National Park

19. Charred tree in a red field, Patagonia

20. The '0' Tree

21. Snow covered trees in Northern Japan

22. Cyprus Tree in Texas

23. Volcano Trees, Kapoho, Hawaii

24. Suburbs of Northern California

25. Vancouver Island in Canada

26. 'Wanaka Tree' in Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

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(H/t Reddit Earth Porn)


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