25 Amazing Things You Didn't Know About Dreaming

Sleep tight!

Almost everyone dreams every single night, but what do we know about about them? Admittedly not a lot, because the very nature of them makes it a pretty difficult subject to study. What we do know, however, is pretty fantastic. 

Paper Towns author and Mental Floss host John Green presents 25 facts about dreaming, and they're pretty amazing.


1. Gamers may be better at manipulating their dreams.

2. Most dreams rely on the senses of vision and hearing, with taste and smell rarely experienced.

3. Smells can alter the nature of dreams. Good scents create positive dreams, while bad smells promote negative dreams.

4. The average person will experience roughly 100,000 dreams during their lifetime.

5. Half of people believe they had a dream that showed the future.

6. Abraham Lincoln allegedly had a dream about his assassination shortly before it happened.

7. The design for the periodic table came to Dmitri Mendeleev in a dream.

8. Negative dreams are more likely to be remembered than positive ones.

9. Children don't remember many of their dreams.

10. One researcher claims that up to 95% of dreams will be forgotten.

11. Babies have twice as much REM sleep as adults.

12. Children's dreams aren't as imaginative as one may think.

13. Wearing a nicotine patch may make dreams more vivid.

14. Whether or not a blind person has visual dreams largely depends on when they lost their eyesight.

15. Hypnagogia is the phenomenon of dreaming while awake.

16. Hawaiians have the best word for "dream." It actually translates as "soul sleep."

17. Dream interpreters were used in some ancient cultures to predict the future.

18. The first "dream dictionary" was written in Egypt over 3,000 years ago.

19. Up to 75% of adults have recurring dreams.

20. Dreams take place in real time, and aren't sped up or slowed down.

21. It's probably not possible for reptiles to dream.

22. About 75% of mothers will have nightmares about something happening to their child.

23. Color in dreams is usually forgotten.

24. Whether or not someone dreams in color may have been affected by watching black and white TV.

25. Men are more likely to have dreams featuring more men than women.

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[H/T: Mental Floss]

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