The Best Hairdos On The Internet

From the beautiful to the totally crazy.

When it comes to having fun with your appearance, hair is usually the first victim.

For some reason, people just love getting crazy with their hair. From mohawks to hair dye, wigs to flowers, humans have a tendency to get creative and even a little crazy when they play with their hair.

While it may be frowned upon at your workplace, we agree that hair is a fantastic outlet to display your creativity. In fact, we encourage you to send us your own crazy hair pictures. But for now, here are the most beautiful, funniest, coolest and craziest hairdos we could find online.


1. Taking mohawks to a whole new level.

2. Crazy hair day competition.

3. The Christmas tree.

4. Just two sisters having fun.

5. A well executed purple dye...

6. Perfect picture, perfect swirl.

7. This takes some confidence...

8. What a unique, beautiful cut.

9. We said some would be weird, right?

10. Tree-fro!

11. Where does the real end and the fake begin?

12. When it comes to color, the more the merrier.

13. We just don't know.

14. This has to have a name.

15. More. Color.

16. Sometimes the best hairdo is no hair at all.

17. Almost too perfect.

18. This must have taken hours.

19. Can someone get this in real life?

20. The secret rebel.

21. Flowers and curls.

22. Another rainbow...

23. It looks like a waterfall braid.

24. Is that the ocean?

25. Ha!

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