24 Facts About Wine That Will Totally Blow Your Mind


Drinking wine has been a big part of the human experience for thousands of years, as it is at the forefront of many cultural and religious traditions.

Whether you fill your glass with dry reds, crisp whites, or something sweet, there are enough variations for almost everyone to find a type of vino they enjoy. Though it is one of the most popular beverages in the world, the average person may not know much about it. 

While many know red wine is considered heart-healthy (in moderate amounts, guys) and have an I Love Lucy-level knowledge of how wine is made, there are probably few who are well versed in its origins or where most of it currently comes from.

Thankfully, Mental Floss to the rescue. 

In his most recent video, host Craig Benzine answers these questions and many more. Check out 24 of the most interesting facts about wine here:


Also, this list would not be complete without what is arguably the greatest wine fact ever.

Grape farmers who were heavily affected by Prohibition had to get extremely clever about how to keep sales up. They sold "bricks" of concentrated grape juice with explicit "warnings" that if consumers were to add water and yeast to the grapes and keep it in a cool, dark area for several weeks, it would ferment into wine.

Hats off, Prohibition-era grape farmers. That is fantastic.

(Header image: iStockphoto)


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