22 Things That Are Simply Awesome

Some of the best stuff you may not have seen until now.

1. The International Space Station's view of the Northern Lights


2. What a flying airplane looks like when photographed by a satellite.

3. An asperatus cloud.

4. Water droplets.

5. The color-changing effect Alexandrite has in different light.

6. A tornado of light.

You can find the explanation here.

7. This intriguing brow and eye makeup.

This is by Tal Peleg: Check out her amazing designs on Facebook.

8. You've heard of Google maps...have you seen the little-known Google sky?

Yep. See for yourself: go to www.google.com/sky

9. This incredible horror makeup.

We hope it's makeup!

10. Mountaineers' lights in the Alps.

11. These balls dropped into water.

12. When fog meets windmills.

13. This amazing waterfall sculpture.

14. The sniper who saw you first.

15. This kid demonstrating what happens when you add water to liquid nitrogen.

16. A rainbow effect created in the wake of an F-22 Raptor.

Redditor Vmoney1337, describes it as follows: "an F-22 Raptor pulling so many Gs, the low pressure air over the fuselage gets cold enough for the water to condense. The angle is just right for sunlight to make rainbow colors around the airplane."

17. Earth, seen from NASA's Curiosity Rover on Mars.

Yes, that tiny white dot is our planet.

18. A mesmerizing wind sculpture.

19. A storm in Nebraska.

20. The Aurora Australis.

21. This guy who set off some fireworks...all at once.

22. The midwestern United States and Aurora Borealis seen from space.

Each image sourced from the excellent /r/awesome and /r/pureawesomeness subreddits unless otherwise noted.

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