Adorable Illustrations Outline All The Quirky, Relatable Reasons Why You Love Him

"My cat tolerates him."

At one time or another, you've probably tried to emulate another couple's seemingly perfect relationship in order to meet your own #RelationshipGoals. 

But, when it comes down to it, what makes your relationship so special isn't the amount of Instagram likes your pictures get, or how many YouTube views your vacation getaway compilation has.

Instead, it's probably the little things that make your relationship so great. 

So, in a totally relatable illustrated book entitled 21 Reasons Why I Love Him by Landysh, the clever artist outlines all those realistic reasons why you're so in love with your guy.

From "My cat tolerates him," to "He motivates me to be a better person," check out seven of our favorite reasons (and images) from the book below.  


1. "He is my shopping companion."

2. "My cat tolerates him."

3. "Free ride at 4 a.m."

4. "He motivates me to be a better person."

5. "He is so handsome."

6. "My dad approved of him."

7. "He likes my playlist."

See more images from the book on the blog. And to switch things up, check out Landysh's other book, 21 Reasons Why I Love Her in the website's shop and on A Plus, too. 

(H/T: The Huffington Post)


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