We Can't Stop Laughing At These 21 Unbelievably Ridiculous Headlines

The good, the bad, and the unedited

1) That's...informative.


2. This will probably be his epitaph.

3. For some of us, that's just another Tuesday night.

4. And THEN what happened?

5. Your editorial priorities may require examination.

6. Oh, Canada.

7. Today in apathetic bear news...

8. Gonna do any actual WORK today, Captain Obvious?

9. Were the muffins as freshly-baked as the pharmacist?

10. Right, got it.

11. Late night, guys?

12. I'm skeptical: how about some statistics?

13. Somebody approved this. The headline, I mean.

14. Dead men tell no tales.

15. Had to go there, huh?

16. I saw this episode: it was actually the creepy groundskeeper.

17. How do you spell irony?

18. What if you threw a revolution and nobody came?

19. If you've ever been to Ireland, you understand.

20. Because you KNOW what you did.

21. You want to get beaten up? Because this is how you get beaten up.


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