More Than Half Of Millennials Plan To Vote This November

And they're voting for change.

 Despite a growing sense of disillusionment with political institutions, more than half of millennials are planning to vote in the November midterm elections, according to a new poll conducted by NBC News and GenForward,

The bimonthly survey found that 55 percent of millennials said they will probably or definitely vote in the midterm election this November. Only 19 percent said they definitely or probably will not vote. Another quarter are uncertain about whether or not they'll vote.

The poll's findings could signify good news for the Democrats, especially since most millennials also reported maintaining a generally favorable outlook on the party. According to NBC, a plurality of those surveyed have "consistently said they plan to vote for the Democratic candidate in the 2018 congressional elections in the past year." Only about a quarter have said they plan to vote for the Republican candidate, while the remainder is undecided or not planning to vote for either party.  


A large portion of millennials are also "seemingly both anti-Trump and anti-establishment" — a sentiment that becomes increasingly evident in the poll's findings. Of those who plan to participate in the upcoming midterm elections, 42 percent say their vote will be in opposition to President Donald Trump. 

Perhaps even more significantly, the majority of millennials also said that the "candidate quality" their vote depends on in the upcoming midterms is someone who can bring about needed change — a clear signal that young people are still searching for candidates who they feel can make a real difference. 

The survey's results are particularly eye-opening, given the increasingly high stakes of upcoming elections. The midterms held on Tuesday, Nov. 6 are the first held under President Trump, and the outcomes could be pivotal to the future of his administration.  

Should Democrats' efforts to fire up its base and drive supporters to the polls succeed, the party could regain majority control of at least one of the bodies of Congress, posing a serious potential threat to Trump's agenda. Conversely, should the GOP retain their hold on Congress, the nation could see some major Republican-driven policy changes pass. 

As both parties encourage its members to show up to the elections, it's clear that young people — and their choice to cast a ballot or not — may be a key factor in shaping the political landscape of the future. From the looks of this new survey, it seems that those millennials who are planning to cast a vote this November are looking for change. 

Cover image via Shutterstock / Suzanne Tucker.


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