People Are Sharing What They've Finally Accomplished In 2017 With Hilarious And Relatable Tweets

"I said goodbye to hardships ... and hello to new hardships."

As 2017 comes to a close, we reflect on all the lessons learned, decisions made, and important moments we've experienced throughout the year. Among these deep thoughts, we also consider the things we finally accomplished. Maybe 2017 was the year you finally started your own business, moved to a new city, tried a healthier lifestyle,  bought a puppy, or even tried a new hairstyle. Whatever it is, it's always nice to look back and say "Yeah, I totally did that!" 

Of course, no introspective thought is complete without it being shared to the masses via a social media status. Over on Twitter, folks are sparking a conversation about their 2017 reflections and accomplishments using the trending hashtag #2017WasTheYearThatIFinally.  Apparently, 2017 was a year of major discoveries, both good and bad, but mostly hilarious and relatable because, of course, lots of people barely accomplished anything at all. Check out our favorite tweets below.


1. The epitome of “I just know when I'm getting one, the other is getting away.”

2. This year was all about self-care.

3. May we all learn how to prioritize like this gentleman.

4. When you choose your battles wisely and accept defeat with grace.

5. Sometimes just making that first step is enough. There’s always 2018.

6. Its never to late too improve you’re grammer.

7. It still counts if it happened in 2017.

8. Hooray for this man who finally found his truth.

9. Replace the old with the new.

10. May we all have our own full circle moment in 2017.

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