The Best 2016 Grammys Performance Took Place 3,000 Miles Away From The Ceremony

And it got a standing ovation.

As is the case every year, the 2016 edition of the Grammys produced some loud moments that had Twitter on fire immediately, and people still buzzing the next morning. Whether it was Taylor Swift's acceptance speech or Kendrick Lamar's powerful performance, music's elite showed up in a big way, even if the awards themselves continue to lose meaning just like the Oscars. The biggest moment of the night was an unexpected one, though — when the cast of Hamilton gave people a taste of why tickets for the show are almost impossible to snag.

Performing the opening song "Alexander Hamilton," creator and star Lin Manuel-Miranda was patched in from the show's Broadway home in New York along with his peers. A lucky crowd got to watch them perform live, but the people watching in Los Angeles' Staples Center were just as blown away. They gave the cast a standing ovation as soon as the final note died away.

Hamilton also won a Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album, and will probably sweep every category it gets nominated in at the Tony Awards in June. Here's why:


Cover image: Wikimedia


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