These Families Think They're Prepared For The Holidays, But Forgot The Most Important Thing

And it wasn't another pie.

At a time of year saturated by ads professing the best holiday deals and bargain prices, it's especially important that we're reminded about what truly matters.

German supermarket chain Edeka did just that in their uplifting follow up to 2015's gloomy Christmas commercial in which a grandfather fakes his own death to get family to come together at his house as one. 

In this year's holiday ad parents rush to and fro in a haste to complete their holiday to-do's. But amidst the chaos one important thing is missed — spending time with the children. 

As the little ones try everything — even cutting their own hair — to get their parent's attention, the need to fulfill every tedious holiday task remains the priority. 

In a sudden "What if?" sort of shift, the ad shows the world as it would be if the holiday to-do list wasn't focused so much on doing laundry, buying gifts, and cooking delightfully festive dishes, but instead spending time with loved ones topped the list.   

"The best gift is time spent with you," reads the ad's tagline. 

Check out the video below and make sure to hug a loved one tight. 



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