11 Viral Moments From 2015 That Made Us Feel Emotions We Didn't Know We Had

Can we copy and paste every emoticon?



The most feel good moments of 2015 are finally here. 

Thankfully for us and our tears, Imgur has already sorted through every post and emotion to pick out the best ones.

So grab some tissues and maybe a teddy bear and relive the moments that gave us joy, happiness and so many feels we'll be topped off until next year.

This girl was paralyzed for 11 days, until she miraculously stood up, to her nurses surprise.

Girl Who Was Paralyzed For 11 Days Surprises Her Nurse

Nothing like a father-son photoshoot... for 30 years.

A Man Took A Photo With His Son Every Year For 30 Years

It's hard to beat a heartfelt moment between best friends.

Government Worker and Her Dog Share a Moment

This firefighter became everyone's hero when he comforted a boy after a car accident with "Happy Feet."

Firefighter Comforts Little Boy After Crash By Playing “Happy Feet” On His Phone

A potentially awkward moment was turned into a sweet one when this dad grabbed the brides stepdad to join the festivities.

Father of Bride Stops The Wedding to Bring Stepdad Up Front

Professors have all sorts of responsibilities, including comforting a students' crying baby during a lecture.

Professor Teaches Class While Holding A Student’s Baby

Being healthy is a big deal. So much so, this woman did a whole photoshoot with her before and after photos.

Woman Poses With Herself For a Before/After Weight Loss Photoshoot

Is there really anything better than dancing in the rain for the first time? Nope, there kinda isn't.

Baby’s First Time In the Rain

Love will always overcome adversity.

Love Always Wins

If babies weren't cute enough, this future Romeo has that booboo covered. No problemo!

Toddler Lovingly Inspects a Boo Boo


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