This Eye Candy Was Made Using Nothing But Chalk

Chalk it up to imagination.

If you don't think chalk can be a medium for creating major pieces of art, you'll feel differently after seeing the works from Denver's 2015 Chalk Art Festival

The festival, which took place the weekend of June 6, features over 200 professional, student and amateur artists, hailing from around the country. Together, they turned the streets of Larimer Square into a sight truly beautiful to behold with their amazing designs. 

And while these images may only stay on the street for a short time, they'll remain in your mind for much longer. Just take a look at the eye candy below: 


1. This one roars with creativity.

2. You can't spell "heart" without "art."

3. Killer bees make killer designs.

4. The colors! The colors!

5. This seems like a fair fight.

6. The fruits of their labor paid off.

7. Good luck getting that pencil out.

8. Westminster high school students made this one as part of a Youth Challenge.

9. Dang.

10. This piano looks insane... in a good way.

11. Another smashing example of student art.

12. All that is missing from this bathtub are bubbles.

13. That's what you get for trying to boil them.

14. Talk about a party animal.

(H/T: Amusing Planet)

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