Do You Remember These In 2014? We Don't Either.

Remember when?

This year in review video from Dutch ad agency N=5 starts out like every other, promising to pay tribute to the hardest trials and biggest triumphs of 2014.

And right after that is when things start to get a little weird.


Remember when, this year, Prince William and Kate Middleton finally put a ring on it?

Or maybe you'll remember that special night during the 2014 awards season when Halle Berry won her historic Oscar.

And the incredible celebration that followed Usain Bolt crossing the finish line a few months back.

Remember how, in 2014, news about Hurricane Katrina dominated the headlines?

Hang on a second.

If you want to hit pause and rewind over all this time-jumbled confusion, you're supposed to. 

The truth is this year in review video isn't like any other. It's designed to be a powerful demonstration of what it's like to live with Alzheimer's disease. And it's a pretty incredible one at that.

Help Dutch charity Alzheimer Nederland raise awareness about the disease by sharing this video with your friends.

(H/T Design Taxi)


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