20 Cards Get Real About How Couples Feel About Each Other

Funny because they're true. Especially #8.

Whether you're in a relationship or just hot for someone, chances are, you're putting on your best front. But what if we told people exactly how we felt instead? It could be wonderful. It could also end up disastrous. 

Somecards might not get an award for most romantic cards in the world, but they're great for those who want an honest reflection of their sometimes wonderful, sometimes messy relationships. 


1. The "sometimes I'm gross, but love me anyway" card.

2. The "I love and hate you" card.

3. The "frenemies with benefits" card.

4. The "I'm too shy to ask you to hook up" card.

5. The "you're just not that into me, but I like you anyway" card.

6. The "life will be stressful, but it'll be okay if I'm with you" card.

7. The "I never want to break-up... like ever" card.

8. The "we might be in a rut" card.

9. The "just started dating and under the illusion we're the most special couple in the world" card.

10. The "falling hard" card.

11. The "I'd rather have a tense relationship than a boring one" card.

12. The "I might seem shallow, but I'm not "card.

13. The "I'm getting serious about you" card.

14. The "I fantasize about you" card.

15. The "small town dating" card.

16. The "I'm super hot for you" card.

17. The "into our phones more than each other and okay with it" card.

18. The "I'm overly attracted to you" card.

19. The "I like your body more than your mind" card.

20. The "online crushes are the best" card.

What card fits your relationship most?

(H/T: Pulptastic)

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