From Afar It Might Look Like A Painting, But It's Actually Made Of Teabags

Absolutely brilliant.

There are lots of ways to celebrate cultural identity — be it a big parade or an intimate family gathering to express thanks. By the looks of it, Red Hong Yi, a Malaysian-based artist, celebrates hers through her unique brand of art.

Yi's new teabag project blew our minds. Inspired by Teh Tarik, a traditional Malaysian drink, she set out to make a 10 feet 6 inches high and 7 feet 6 inches wide installation entirely out of teabags. 

Scroll down to see the how she did it and what the end result looks like.


Teh Tarik (literally "pulled tea") is a hot milk tea drink you can find in most coffee shops around Malaysia.

To make the froth you have to pour the tea back and forth between two containers.

Yeah... OK. It's actually harder than it sounds.

You might want to let Tah Tarik professionals handle froth making.

"Perhaps more important than the drink itself is the underlying culture," explains Red Hong Yi on her YouTube page.

"Locals gather in kopitiams and mamaks, and here they talk about where to buy the best durians, the traffic, politics, weather, soccer... It is a drink that brings people together."

"I hope that I get to share a bit of my country through this piece."

So now you all are wondering WHAT piece.

To celebrate her country's culture ...

... Yi set out to create an installation made entirely out of tea bags. Yes, TEABAGS!

She starts out by steeping teabags in hot water to get 10 different shades of brown.

Some stapling here and there.

Bringing out the big guns.

Yi then starts hanging teabags on a wooden frame.

20,000 of them to be precise.

It's all coming along nicely.

Finishing touches....

... and ta-da! Man Preparing Teh Tarik made entirely out of teabags.

How do you celebrate your culture? Just something to think about over a cup of tea or when watching the entire video below.

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