Get The First Look At The New World Trade Center Building. It Is Going To Be Gorgeous.

The cuts are still deep, but these new buildings will help us heal.

As One World Trade Center proudly stands in downtown Manhattan, the accompanying buildings are beginning to take form.


Thanks to Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and founding partner Bjarke Ingels, we can now see what the future 2 World Trade Center building will look like upon completion.

Located at 200 Greenwich Street, 2 World Trade Center will be the final component of the revamped and much needed downtown skyline.

Over the years, since 2001, the downtown skyline has been a symbol of sadness, tears and dreadful memories as one can still look up and envision where the Twin Towers used to stand. 

These new buildings will add a glimmering layer of inspiration to the NYC skyline, helping to ease us into a bright future full of hope and newfound promise.

The 1,340 FT, 80+ story building will also frame the recently opened 9/11 Memorial, alongside its sister buildings 3 WTC and 4 WTC.

According to a press release sent to A Plus, Silverstein Properties will be developing the new tower, which will serve as headquarters for 21st Century Fox and News Corp.

This will allow the two media giants to house "their subsidiary companies and more than 5,000 people under one roof."

"Horizontal meets vertical. Diversity becomes unity."

The concept behind 2 World Trade Center is to weld together the modern and historical.

Taking inspiration from the lofts and rooftop gardens in TriBeca and the modern Financial District, Ingels hopes to create a building that will combine multiple creative aspects which will serve to inspire its inhabitants.

As he states in the press release, "The completion of the World Trade Center will restore the majestic skyline of Manhattan and unite the streetscapes of TriBeCa with the towers downtown. To complete this urban reunification, we propose a tower that will feel equally at home in TriBeCa and the World Trade Center. From TriBeCa, the home of lofts and roof gardens, it will appear like a vertical village of singular buildings stacked on top of each other to create parks and plazas in the sky."

Here is an image which blends his concept of taking city blocks and stacking them on top of one another.

This will allow employees to cross paths with one another in open spaces like a local park, thus creating a flowing effect of creativity, literally from the top down.

As Ingels said himself, "More than any other city New York is fueled by the energy and creativity that sparks from people of multiple cultures, religions, races, languages and professions living and working together."

As you can see, once completed, the new skyline will offer up a breathless landscape.

Watch the video below to hear more from Ingels himself about his 2 WTC concept.


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