2 Chainz Smokes World's Largest Pipe And Most Expensive Joint

Puff, puff, don't pass.

This is 2 Chainz with rapper French Montana and a giraffe.


Why is there a giraffe? We don't know. That isn't the point of this story.

The point of this story is that 2 Chainz just started season two of the "Most Expensivest Sh*t" with GQ. 

In the most recent episode, the "Duffle Bag Boy" smokes the world's most expensive joint. 

Here's why it's so expensive.

To start off, he rolls the joint with 24 karat Shine gold papers.

The gold is edible, but you may not be able to stomach the price.

Two sheets will set you back $20. A 12 pack is $55. However, it isn't the just the papers that will cost some hard-earned dollars.

2 Chainz's doctor offered him some canned cannabis.

Each can will set you back another $100, as they point out in the video. If you wanted to buy one ounce, it will cost you $800.

So, with two papers and your canned cannabis, you're looking at a $120 smoke session.

But we're not here to do math.

Before they lit up the gold joint, the doctor prescribed smoking the world's largest pipe, which had an ounce packed in it.

Definitely wasn't aware lungs could handle that much smoke. 

After literally blowing through the pipe, it was time to try King Solomon's joints.

"This is like the caviar of joints," 2 Chainz points out.

Catch the episode below.


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