2 Chainz Meets World's Most Expensive Bulldogs In New 'Most Expensivest Sh*t' Episode

Who's a good (extremely expensive) puppy?

2 Chainz is back with a new installment of "Most Expensivest Sh*t."


In this episode, 2 Chainz meets some incredibly adorable dogs.

But as the title suggests, these aren't just regular bulldogs. They come with huge price tags.

These little fellas go for about $10,000!

Little Micro Machine (also known as "Chew Chainz") is on another level, though. (Yes, there are levels to this sh*t.)

But how much does this Blue French Bulldog go for?

We're not sure if you're ready.

Drumroll, please....

$100,000. No, really.

And when you're worth $100K, you're pretty thug and attack dogs named "Pudge."

Watch the full episode below to learn more about the cutest, most expensive dogs in the world.


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