2 Chainz And French Montana Hang Out With A $40,000 Giraffe Named Tiny

A zebra, giraffe, monkey and parrot for just $100K!

We know 2 Chainz and French Montana are all about the most "expenivest" cars and clothes, but what about the most expensive animals?


Yup, they're all about that too!

In this episode of GQ's "Most Expensivest Sh*t", the man with many chains and Montana check out the most expensive animals you can buy.

You'd be surprised at how much some of these critters cost.

Tiny the Giraffe costs a whopping $40,000. Worth every dollar to us!

(Except he definitely will not fit in our office!)

These macaw parrots? You can get a package deal for $30,000!

They even know english words too.

We're assuming you can also teach them Spanish if you like.

And how 'bout this cutie that is all about that thug life? She'll set you back a cool $20,000.

Watch the episode below to see what else you can add to your own personal zoo.


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