Apparently, This Is How Men In The 60s Were Taught To Behave On A Date

Would it work on today's men?

Dating can be a struggle, for both men and women. So there is definitely no shame in getting some helpful tips on how to perfect your game.

This 1967 U.S. Navy training film is all about that and teaching guys the proper dating etiquette. But the first minutes of it will give you a slight shock.

Be patient, there is a twist.


So now you see, this video gives men clear instructions on how to be a good date at first showing what NOT to do. And the effect couldn't be more powerful.

Even though the video comes from the 60s, here's a little roundup of things that we think are still relevant in today's dating world.

Respect your plans and show up on time.

Planning basically means knowing when, where and what you will be doing. It's not like you decide to go out with a person five minutes prior the date. Take your time to get ready and make it on time. Otherwise you are just showing it's not important to you. 

Be considerate of the other person.

As the video puts it, being considerate and thoughtful means "making things easier for someone." If you're on a date and you want the other person to feel well treated, perform nice little acts of help like holding the door or helping with their coat.

You're in this together so don't act like a jerk or a prissy.

Okay, so if you are already on a date it means you had some interest in meeting this person. Even if it's not smooth sailing, don't be rude towards each other. Try to find common interests by checking the menu together, talking about the surroundings and whatnot. 

Make sure your date has fun.

Dates are supposed to be fun. Don't make it about your ex relationships or how your job sucks. Talk about the stuff that inspires you, ask questions and try to get to know the other person. Don't make it all about yourself. Even if it's not the right person for you, he or she deserves to have fun just as you do.

Follow these tips and you will be the smoothest date out there.

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