Designers From The 1930s Imagined Fashion In The Year 2000... How'd They Do?


Famous fashion designers from the 1930's were asked to predict what an ordinary woman would look like in the 21st century.


In some cases, they were pretty close.

But a few of their ideas might have given our generation's designers a little bit too much credit.

Pictured here is an electric belt they imagined us wearing. You know, to adapt the body to climatic changes.

There are so many reasons that this video might make you giggle. Particularly the affectation in the announcer's voice (try not to miss his "Oooh, swish!" at 1:02).

We also detect a bit of skepticism when he mentions one designer's alarming forecast of skirts disappearing entirely from female closets.   

It's thought-provoking, educational and downright hilarious to see how futuristic we seemed eight decades ago. They envisioned us moving through an atmosphere always kept at the perfect temperature (somehow science was expected to make that happen) and wearing electric headlights as hairpieces.

"An electric headlight to help her find an honest man."

We're not sure if this video should make us laugh because our clothes are still pretty basic, or cry because these ideas are awesome and nobody took the initiative to make them happen.

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