19 Butterflies That Prove They Are The Most Beautiful Creature

Beautiful beyond words.

Butterflies can be beautiful beyond your imagination.

The incredible insect, who most people love for their raw beauty and fascinating transformation, is also photogenic beyond words. Check out the evidence below.


1. Probably photoshopped, but still gorgeous.

2. This colorful Amber Phantom butterfly from South America

3. The "Naked Sea Butterfly"

4. The incredible see-through butterflies.

5. What it looks like up-close.

6. Not a bad photograph...

7. Butterflies that aren't really butterflies.

8. A butterfly covered in hearts.

9. One butterfly that caught the attention of a lion.

10. This lucky girl.

11. Something about butterflies and noses...

12. The butterflies that match tattoos.

13. The glasswing butterfly.

14. Fractalius butterfly wings

15. "Bubble wings."

16. The butterfly whisperer.

17. Whoa.

18. A Halloweeny butterfly.

19. And the beautiful egg where it all starts.

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