Pizza Delivery Teen Surprises Family With Amazing Piano Performance

He really "delivered."

Julie Varchetti's family were in for a major treat when they ordered pizza from Hungry Howie's. When delivery man Bryce Dudal showed up, he spotted the family's baby grand piano and asked if he could take a look.


The family obliged and the 18-year-old from Michigan surprised them with an amazing rendition of Beethoven's "Moonlight" sonata.

The moment was captured on video and Varchetti shared it on Facebook on July 30, lamenting that she wasn't home to be treated to the impromptu musical performance.

"Hubby ordered Hungry Howie's tonight (Which we never do because I'm obsessed with Jets, but I wasn't home)
for the kiddos and the delivery guy noticed our piano," she explained. "He kindly asked if he could play for a sec and this is the treat they got!!!! Figures I wasn't home." She hashtagged the post with "#betterthanrachonpizza" 

Amazingly enough, Dudal is self-taught and played the piece from memory.

According to the Washington Post, the high school graduate started playing the piano when he was about 6 years old. He started on a small keyboard with the help of us his aunt, then proceeded to teach himself some songs and practiced on his aunt's full piano. He took a few lessons, but was more interested in mastering the Beethoven tune than doing the basics.

The video shows that he has definitely completed the challenge. Unsurprisingly, the performance is going viral with many saying that the talented pianist really delivered with his performance as much as the pizza.

Many are questioning why the teenager is delivering pizza with his piano skills. Dudal's passion for music has recently been balanced with his interest in sports. He earned a baseball scholarship to Macomb Community College in Warren, MI and will be starting school in August. But, his recent viral fame has reignited his passion for music.

(H/T: Popsugar)


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