You'll Wish You Had Known These Things Before Having Sex For The First Time

Don't worry. We were all in the dark.

What was your first time like? 

Chances are, it wasn't like a scene out of a movie. It probably wasn't a seamless night of romance, followed by mind-blowing sex where you and your partner shared a cigarette after and said, "Damn. that was good." 

Rather, it was likely super awkward, full of fumbling, confusion and weirdness. It might have happened in the backseat of a car (not on the Titanic) or in your childhood bedroom. It was probably full of questions like: "Is this okay?" "Am I doing it right?" "What is that fluid?" 

It almost certainly was not with someone you "love LOVE."

In retrospect, there is so much information that could have made expectations more realistic and the whole experience better. So BuzzFeed reached out to people online to ask what they wish they had known before having sex for the first time. 

Here is what they said:


People's answers range from wishing they had known more about anatomy, to just knowing that you should always pee after sex. 

One woman said, "I wish someone had explained to me that losing your virginity doesn't have to be with a man -- you could lose your virginity with a woman."

Another man warned that the first time will probably last all of 30 seconds. "Be prepared to use hands and mouth, until you're ready for round two," he said.  

Yup, we all could have done with some advice like this before doing the deed for the first time. 

But fortunately, for some, it's not too late. So take what you've learned here, and go forth and prosper. 

Cover image via  nd3000 / Shutterstock.


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