She Hid Her 17 Tattoos From Her Parents For 12 Years, But Their Reactions Were Nothing Like She Expected

Her tattoos are meaningful.

Meet Maggie.


This is pretty much what she usually wears around her parents.

Now you wouldn't expect her body to be covered with tattoos, would you? Well ... her parents had no idea, either.

"My parents haven't seen me wear shorts in probably 10 years," Maggie explains. " [They] think that people who get tattoos are people with motorcycles, probably dabbled in drugs, and ... and just probably are kind of lowlifes."

So Maggie teamed up with This American Life's Videos 4 U to make this short movie, which, in fact, is her confession to her conservative Christian parents. She, in fact, has 17 tattoos she's been hiding from her folks for the last 12 years.

All of Maggie's tattoos have stories:

She even has a tattoo dedicated to her parents she's so scared to show her inked body to.

"That tattoo is wishful thinking. It's like this secret conversation I'm having with myself about my frustration for feeling really distant from my parents," Maggie explains in the video.

But what happens when her parens see the video of Maggie's tattoos? Well, their reaction is far from she have imagined for years.

Watch the entire video below:

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