17 Subtitles That Took It To Another Level

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We can't tell if the people in Subtitle World are geniuses, trolls, or a bit of both.


1. Details are important

2. Just when you thought facial expressions were universal

3. For those who only speak emoji

4. We made the same sound

5. Laughing scientifically

6. Technologically crying

7. Automotively weeping

8. Fraser always comes in second

9. This is not a game

10. Honesty is key

11. So we're all on board

12. Ah, yes. A sound we know well.

13. But how loud was it?

14. Those sudden ones always get us

15. We do too, little guy. We do too.

16. Just in case you were too busy reading the subtitles to notice

17. We salute you, subtitlers of the world


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